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Coat the glass-fibre!

Ultraviolet UV-LEDs can also be used in the manufacturing process of glass fibers. Therefore the glass fibers are coated with polymer materials, which are cured with the help of UV-LEDs. These new coating materials have the following advantages, compared to the currently used materials, which are cured with mercury vapor lamps:

- higher thermostability

- higher lifetime

- lower refractive index

- lower optical attenuation

In addition to the commonly used glass fibers with small diameters in the area of telecommunication, glass fibers with higher diameters are used for the transmission of high light intensity, e.g. in the area of medical technology and material processing. Because of their brittleness, glass fibers are usually provided with polymer coatings.


What new applications in the area of sensor technology come to your mind, in which the UV-LED cured fibers can be used?

You can find further details about the project and the possibilites of UV light as well as UV-LEDs at "details".

Information about the idea competition’s procedure can be found here.

Submit your idea now and actively shape the development of new tools, applications and technologies that are made possible by the innovative UV-LEDs!

Submitted ideas

Submission date 12. March 19

Temperatur- und Umgebungsmessung

Submission date 12. March 19

Glasfaser im Autobau verwenden

Submission date 12. March 19

Glasfaser im Hausbau

Submission date 12. March 19


Submission date 12. March 19


Submission date 13. March 19


Submission date 13. March 19

Integrierte Sensoren in Feuerwehrkleidung

Submission date 13. March 19

Weltraumsonde mit speziellen Sensoren

Submission date 21. March 19

Bio- Obst und Gemüse

Submission date 21. March 19

Tiefsee Roboter

Submission date 21. March 19

Laser in Zahntechnik verwenden

Submission date 21. March 19

Besteck Sensoren

Submission date 21. March 19

Glasfasern in Taucherausrüstung!

Submission date 21. March 19

Sensoren in Babybetten

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Detailed information

Background and project description:

The „Advanced UV for Life“ consortium is coordinated by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute for high frequency technology and currently consists of 30 partners from industry and academic institutions. It is one of the ten winners of the „Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation“ competition which was initiated and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Effects of UV-LED:

Thanks to its numerous helpful properties, UV-LED lighting can be applied to various fields, just as production, medicine, environmental and life science (see figure 1). Some of its attributes are:

-       disinfection,

-       selective, quantitative indication of specific parts of water and gases,

-       identification of specific substances, morbific germs or other harmful materials,

-       enhancement of secondary plant metabolites formation

Figure 1: Application areas for UV-LEDs (Source:


Dangers of UV light

The impacts of UV light on health are known to anyone who has had a sunburn before. This is due to the fact that UV light is much more energy-rich as compared to for humans’ visible light. Consequently, UV light cannot be used under the same circumstances and requires several precautions for a safe handling.

Short-term symptoms include reddened skin and ulceration. Burnings can be much more severe at high UV light exposure; on permanent level the risks are even higher. This implies that a high dose of UV light increases the damages over time. Long-term risks at repeated exposure include premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer.

The eyes are very susceptible to UV light damages as well. The protective layer within the eye (cornea) can be damaged through UV light exposure similar to the skin. Overall danger is further increased by the fact that light is entering the eye from all angles not only through the line of vision.

Consider those facts when you are working on your idea.



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