How it works

You want to participate in developping new tools, applications and technologies? What are you waiting for?

On this site we explain to you, how you can participate in our contests with your creative ideas and thereby get the chance to win attractive prizes.

More details about the content of the separate contests can be found on each contest site.




1. Submit idea


2. Discuss


3. Get feedback


4. Win prizes

The first step to be able to submit your ideas is to register on the platform.

Gather information about the content of the contest, create your own idea and submit it by clicking on “Submit Idea”.

Advice: Please remember to make sure your description is easily understood. If it is incomprehensible, the competitors and jury members will not be able to understand or evaluate your idea.


You are able to comment on and evaluate other ideas.

Discuss with the community, improve your idea, and connect with interesting people.

In doing this, you can learn more about your competitor’s ideas and gain creative input!


You will receive feedback on your ideas from our team and other users.

According to this feedback, you can improve your idea and enrich it with more detailed information until the end of the contest.

Of course, you can also submit completely new ideas.


After the evaluation of the submitted ideas by the jury, all the winners will be announced.

You will be informed via E-Mail and directly on the platform if you are among the winners.

We will get in contact with you afterwards to hand over your prize.