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2000 Funding

Submission deadline 24.02.2019

Innovate Gardening

Presumably everyone knows commercially available light-emitting diodes (short: LED) since they are accompanying our everyday life. However, we would like to call your attention to a particular type of LEDs: the innovative ultraviolet (UV) LEDs! UV LEDs emit an invisible, high-energy...
2000 Funding

Submission deadline 7.04.2019

Coat the glass-fibre!

Ultraviolet UV-LEDs can also be used in the manufacturing process of glass fibers. Therefore the glass fibers are coated with polymer materials, which are cured with the help of UV-LEDs. These new coating materials have the following advantages, compared to...


UV-LED’s in Aqua-Zuchtanlagen

Einsatz von UV-LED’s in Zuchtanlagen für submerse (unter Wasser) und emerse (über Wasser) wachsende Zier- sowie Nutzpflanzen: Die Zierpflanzenzucht im...


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